How to install Real One Player In Ubuntu??

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RealPlayer for Linux allows you to play more video, including popular Windows Media files, RealMedia files and more.It as got a wonderful features like Personal Playlists, 5.1 Surround Sound,Controlling Live Streams.

Here Is The Step By Step Instruction
1. Download the RealPlayer11GOLD
2. Open Terminal
3. Now type sudo chmod +x RealPlayer11GOLD.bin
     It will ask password give it.
4. Type sudo “./RealPlayer11GOLD.bin”

5. It’ll start the installer.

6. It’ll ask for the install path.Just hit Enter.
7. It’ll ask for a confirmation of install path. Press F to Finish the install.
8. Within few minutes it will finish installing Real One Player 11.

To launch theReal One Player,Go to Applications –> Sound & Video –> RealPlayer 11.

Follow setup prompts and RealPlayer should be launched.

That’s it Real one player installation is done.

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