New updates in program improve PC viruses

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Author: paulfinch

A few weeks ago, my anti-virus program expired, and I didn’t really think twice about it. I had a couple of other adware and spam blockers, so I assumed I was safe.

Then last Tuesday, my computer completely crashed. There were 8 viruses on it that ultimately lead to me not even being able to load Windows.

I had to do a complete reformatting, and it literally took hours just to get my PC up and running again. Add to that, hours of reinstalling my software, and it was a good day or two working on it.

I’m a student at the moment, so I scoured the Internet looking for a reasonable anti-virus program. I read a lot of differnet reviews, from CNet to, and they all pointed to Ad Patrol.

I decided to check it out and download it. It’s incredibly fast and easy to install, and it seemed to be working in full effect within minutes.

I started getting asked certain security provision requests using the program, and contacted the help desk. They were especially prompt in getting back to me and very thurough in their answers.

If you’re like me, and don’t have a lot to spend, I’d suggest you check out Ad Patrol. Certainly gives me all the protection and security I could expect from an anti-virus program.

Check out the link below to be directed to their site.

Ad Patrol Home

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